Sunday, April 19, 2015

DIY Chalk paint

Hi readers!  So I decided to do a quick separate post just on making the chalk paint.  After reading this blog:, I decided to make the calcium carbonate recipe.  First, I started by making a trial batch to do a test on a piece of wood scrap.  I'm sure glad I did because the recipe was very grainy.  It was difficult to mix all of the powder smoothly.

For the next batch, I added 2-3 Tbs of water to 1/2 cup of calcium carbonate.  Once blended into a paste, it was a lot easier to add the cup of paint for a smooth consistency.  I'm using Sherwin Williams Color-to-Go in Antique White.  Everything I've read says that you can use the color samples since it's going to be sealed with wax.  Trying to save money where I can :)

Another thing I've learned:  Buy multiple bottles of calcium carbonate.  I figured I would just start with one and see how things went.  Well, now I want to keep working and am stuck waiting for Amazon to ship it.  Thankful that Amazon has fast shipping!

This finish is nice and smooth (and a little chalky).  Love it!  This is with 2 coats of paint before wax.

I'll post some pics of the progress after I get the clear and dark wax on a few cabinets.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Stitch Fix March 2015

Hi readers!  So I know everyone and their sister (LOL) is doing Stitch Fix blogs.  Why not?  If someone signs up under your link, you get credit towards new clothes.  What's not to love?  While I like the credit (, I decided to add a Stitch Fix section on this blog because I've found these other blogs very useful!  I've used them to pin items I like and have also searched for items sent to me for additional styling ideas.  Here's what I got in my March box from Stitch Fix.

1.  Kut from the Kloth Jean Jacket

So I pinned some jean jackets on my Pinterest board, but wasn't sure if I would get one or not.  I've always love the versatility of a jean jacket, but never found one that looked good on me...until now!

2.  Niki Cropped Floral  Jeans

I was really unsure about these, but they were super comfy.  They may be "cropped", but I'm 5" 1'. Enough said.  Although out of my comfort zone, I kept them and paired with a white top instead for a great look.

3.  Beaded Navy top (see above)

I liked this top but not with those pants :)

4.  Amira Polka Dot Flutter Sleeve Dress

I really feel like this dress makes me look bigger than I am, but when I posted fishing for opinions on FB everyone loved it.  Either way, it didn't make any sense to send it back and miss out on the discount for buying all five.  If you are going to keep four, then the fifth item is essentially free.

5.  Daniel Rainn Nelly Embroidered V-Neck Top

I LOVE everything about this top.  The fit was great and goes with almost everything.

That's it for now.  I'm getting another fix for mother's day so I'll post that one soon.  Hope this post helps others as Stitch Fix blog posts have helped me.

Chalk Paint Materials Prep

Hi readers!  I recently went to a friend's house for a play date and saw her beautiful kitchen.  When I made a comment about how great it was, she said, "you should have seen it before."  She pulled out the old listing and needless to say it was a major transformation.  What was the big change you ask? She chalk painted the cabinets.  That's it.  I was intrigued and immediately texted my husband a picture with, "We are doing this."  I'm a little behind the times I guess since chalk paint has been around for awhile, but I've never looked into it.  After seeing her kitchen, I was sold!

We moved into our current house a little over a year ago.  The layout and space were perfect for us, but the kitchen was ugly.  Think maroon walls sponged over with gold and gray Formica countertops.  Yikes!

Prior to moving in, I picked out granite countertops and painted the walls.  A few months later we tiled the back splash.  Those changes alone made quite a transformation.  However, I still hate the cabinets (and appliances except my new dishwasher--but that's for another day).

I like to call myself a "lifetime learner."  I always loved being a student, studying and researching. Anyway, my first step in learning about chalk paint was research.  Thanks to the many blogs out there I have learned a lot.  Therefore, I am going to catalog my journey as a newbie for others to read and learn from the mistakes that I will no doubt make.

After reading several interesting blogs, I decided to start by trying to make my own chalk like paint with calcium carbonate.  Calcium carbonate can be purchased online.  I got mine off Amazon.

I figured if making my own didn't work out I could always buy the popular name brand chalk paint.  I did however buy the Annie Sloan clear and dark wax.  After lots of reading, I think this is the best decision for the look I want to achieve.

Now to the materials prep.  I made a list of everything I needed and started shopping online and in the store with 2 kids in tow.

Here's my list:

- unscented mineral spirits (for cleaning the cabinets)
- scrub sponges (to scrub with of course)
- shellac (after reading a post on The Purple Painted Lady I wasn't going to take any chances)
- painter's tape (to tape off the walls and back splash)
- chip brush (for the chalk paint)
- wax brush
- calcium carbonate (powder form only)
- Sherwin Williams Color to Go in Antique White
- Annie Sloan clear wax
- Annie Sloan dark wax
- Annie Sloan buffing brush
- clean cloths (for wiping off the wax)
- small paint tray
- measuring cups (b/c I wasn't going to use my kitchen ones)
- crown molding (for an even fancier finish)
- cabinet pulls and knob samples (until I can decide on one)

Items I already had:
- paper plates (to put a small amount of wax on to dip the brush)
- plastic spoons (for scooping out the wax)
- drill and paddle for mixing the paint (optional but I want a super smooth finish)

Now that I've got all of the materials (I think), it's time to get started.  I'll post the project in sections since there seems to be quite a few steps in the process.  I plan to start with the crown molding so if the DIY chalk paint doesn't work, I can go by the name brand product.

Fingers crossed.