Friday, October 30, 2015

Hanger to Home: A Small Handful of Keepers

I had really high hopes for this box but fit issues kept me from purchasing more.  I was kind of disappointed that I didn't receive any bottoms.  Oh well!  Here's what I got.

1.  I liked the pattern on this shirt but it was just to big for me.  Returned.

2.  Nothing really special about these earrings so I returned them as well.

3. & 4.  I kept this blouse (like I really needed more black).  I liked the neckline though as it was different than other black tops that I have.  I also really liked the necklace so I kept it too.

5.  The color of this blouse was really pretty but it was way too tight in the chest.  Returned.

6.  Cute necklace but didn't really think I would wear it often.  Returned.

7.  I asked for something pink to wear for my daughter's birthday party and they tried to deliver.  Just the wrong color pink and too tight.  Returned.

8.  I kept these earrings too.  Surprisingly I don't have any like these and the baby can't pull them out.  Win Win.

9.  I came very close to keeping these too, but I returned the dress so sent back.

10.  I asked for no dresses but got this one anyway.  Returned.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jamberry Stylebox Classic: Lacquer Surprise!

Hi readers!  I'm a huge Jamberry fan and have been receiving the Style Box since I like a surprise.  This month I was really intrigued by the "lacquer surprise."  Unfortunately, the lacquer I got is so dark that the black nail wraps that came with it don't show up.  I haven't tried it with the white ones yet.  Probably going to just save this lacquer for my toes.  Enjoy!