Friday, April 29, 2016

10 Reasons I Chose LuLaRoe

Hi readers!  I've never done the MLM thing before but LuLaRoe drew me in with their amazing butter soft leggings.  I started doing my research, which ended up being a lot of blogs.  If you are in the same boat, you probably came across this post.  Therefore I made a list of the top 10 reasons why I chose to sign up to be a LuLaroe consultant.

10.  You buy the inventory and then sell it.  No catalog ordering or waiting for your items to arrive.

9.  A limited number of each print is made which results in many consultants having different inventory, which basically cuts down on the competition.

8. Many consultants do the majority of sales on Facebook and therefore don't have to beg people to host parties or physically move their inventory from party to party.

7. Because of the sizable start-up cost, there are less consultants and therefore more sales opportunities.

6. No pressure or sales pitch at in-home pop-up parties.  You bring the clothes and people buy or they don't.

5. The sense of community.  Every consultant I've come in contact with is so helpful and supportive.  We've traded items and helped each other out when inventory was low.  Another amazing local consultant invited me over to see how she does photos and online parties.

4. The introduction of mom/daughter matching items.  I have a daughter so I'm really excited about this.  I've also found matches by trading with other local consultants.

3.  Online invoicing and direct deposit.  Online invoicing makes it easy for customers to pay and then the company collects the tax and makes a deposit into my account.  Easy peasy.

2. Good profit margins.  I'm happy to share this info with you if you go to my page and send me a PM.

1.  I love the clothes!  If I didn't absolutely love LuLaRoe clothing, I wouldn't be doing this.

Best wishes to all of you on your LuLaRoe adventure!  If you need anything or have any questions, I'm happy to help :)

DIY Menu Board

Hi readers!  I decided to make my own menu board for leftover beadboard from the kitchen island.  I bought some chalkboard paint from Joann's and a .99 cents frame from Goodwill.  I love how it turned out!  This board really helps me stay on track for the week and keeps my husband from constantly asking, "What's for dinner"?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Laundry Room Makeover

Hi readers!  I've decided to start slowly (finally) organizing my house.  The laundry room is one area where I spend a lot of time, and the laundry baskets frequently spill over into the hallway.  I found this laundry pedestal on Pinterest and showed it to my husband.  After getting fed up with stepping over baskets in the hallway, he agreed to make it (at least one similar).  Here are a few other things I did in addition to the pedestal:

-added a rug that I purchased from Ross

- purchased baskets from the Dollar Tree for organizing

- made WASH letters for the wall

- cut vinyl letters using my Silhouette Portrait to label everything and add a "cute" factor

- hung up the mops using "s" rings

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the finished product (especially since it didn't cost very much).  Enjoy!

Ipsy February 2016

Not my favorite box this month, but a few great items.  Here's what I got for February 2016:

1. Paula Dorf Baby Eyes Enhancer
     I had no idea what this one was for until I Googled it.  I learned that it can be used to make me look more awake.  What mom doesn't need that?  It's applied to the waterline.  Amazing!  This picture of my eyes was taken after 12 straight hours of taking care of 2 little ones.  Can you tell which eye has the enhancer?  I definitely can.

2. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Mini Rollerball
     I love the smell of vanilla, so this one is great!

3.  Luxie Beauty Flat Definer Brush
     Another brush.  I've liked all of the brushes that I've received from ipsy, but it's still another brush.  This one is very stiff and works well for making a fine line.

4.  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil
     I'm not to sure about this one.  The sample is teeny tiny and not enough product to make a judgement.

5.  Seraphine Botanicals Carrot + Rose Hydrating Cream
     This one smells divine!  I don't use a ton of body lotion but I like this one.  Non-greasy and super yummy!

Moxie Box Review February 2016

Hi readers!  Recently, I decided to give Moxie Box a try (after confusing it with the subscription service similar to Stitch Fix).  The items I got in the box are just fair at best, especially for the $35 price tag.  I won't be ordering again though.  Here are the two items that I received:

1.  Gold/silver earrings $10 value

2.  Top $35 value

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pantry Staples for Crockpot Cooking

Hi readers!  I came of with a list of my crockpot pantry and freezer staples for a MOPS discussion. These are things that I always keep in my pantry/freezer and are used for many crockpot recipes. Hope that you find this helpful!

  • broth (chicken and beef)
  • soy sauce
  • balsamic vinegar
  • salsa
  • honey
  • brown sugar
  • dressing/soup mixes
    • onion soup mix
    • ranch dressing mix
    • Italian dressing mix
    • canned pumpkin
    • canned tomato products
      • diced tomatoes
      • tomato paste
      • tomato sauce
      • stewed tomatoes
      • Rotel (tomato/pepper mix)
    • rice
    • noodles
    • fresh or frozen vegetables
      • peppers
      • onions
      • broccoli
      • carrots
      • potatoes
      • green beans
      • cauliflower

    Friday, February 12, 2016

    Stitch Fix February 2016: We're Breaking Up for Awhile

    Hi readers!  I feel like my boxes lately have been going downhill.  The lack of attention to detail is unfortunate.  Here are just a few examples of why I am breaking up with Stitch Fix until further notice:

    - Last month I received the same style of shorts I returned in a previous fix because I didn't like the style.  For some reason, they thought I would like them better the second time around?
    - Recently I receive a houndstooth print, despite stating after a previous fix how much I hate that pattern.  Another example of ignored feedback.
    - This month my stylist note said that I could wear one of my items to work.  My style profile indicates that I am a SAHM.  Clearly, the stylist didn't read a single thing on my profile.
    - This month I received the exact same (style, color, and distressing) pair of jeans that I purchased in a previous fix.  Apparently, I need two pairs of the exact same jeans.  My profile indicates that I only want skinny jeans now but they sent a pair of boyfriend jeans anyway (yet again another indication that my profile was ignored).

    I have emailed customer service to let them know why I will be cancelling my subscription until further notice.  I hope they take the feedback and try to make a better experience for other customers.  Until I hear that things are improving, it's goodbye for now.

    Here's a few photos of the items I received this month.

    1.  31 Bits Ivy Spritz Beaded Bracelet $28
        I know this company supports a good cause, but I'm not up to paying $28 for a paper bracelet that really isn't my style.

    2. Kut from the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans $78
       I'm not including a picture of these as I have received them in a previous fix and for some unknown reason received them again.  Boo.

    3.  Skies are Blue Primmie Tunic $64
       This top screams maternity clothes.  I look pregnant just putting it on.  Yuck.

    4.  Market & Spruce $58
        It's ok I guess.  I may keep this to apply my styling fee.

    5.  Absolutely Harrietti Pullover Sweater $58
        Plain, boring, and unflattering.  Enough said.

    That's it folks!  I hope you all are having a better experience than my recent fixes.