Thursday, February 25, 2016

Laundry Room Makeover

Hi readers!  I've decided to start slowly (finally) organizing my house.  The laundry room is one area where I spend a lot of time, and the laundry baskets frequently spill over into the hallway.  I found this laundry pedestal on Pinterest and showed it to my husband.  After getting fed up with stepping over baskets in the hallway, he agreed to make it (at least one similar).  Here are a few other things I did in addition to the pedestal:

-added a rug that I purchased from Ross

- purchased baskets from the Dollar Tree for organizing

- made WASH letters for the wall

- cut vinyl letters using my Silhouette Portrait to label everything and add a "cute" factor

- hung up the mops using "s" rings

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the finished product (especially since it didn't cost very much).  Enjoy!

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