Thursday, May 28, 2015

Making a Glaze using Annie Sloan Dark Wax

Hi fellow DIY fans!  Today I'm showing you how I made a glaze using unscented mineral spirits and Annie Sloan dark wax.

Here is what you will need:

  • unscented mineral spirits
  • clean cloths (definitely more than 1)
  • brush of choice
  • Annie Sloan dark wax
  • container for mixing
  • measuring spoons (if you prefer not to eyeball it)
  • plastic utensil for stirring 

*******To prevent the wax for excessively staining the color, do a coat of clear wax and wait 24 hours before covering in the dark wax glaze.*****  This was the preferred method on most blogs I read and I prefer it also.

Because it tends suck up the mineral spirits quickly, I made the glaze in small batches.  One batch covered one chair.  It was more wax than glaze by the time I was finishing the chair so figured small batches are best.

M&M (Measuring & Mixing):

I didn't want to lose the integrity of the wax, so I didn't do 50/50 like some suggested but close. Instead, I used 2 parts wax to 1 1/2 parts mineral spirits.  For this project, I used 1 TBSP dark wax and 3/4 TBSP mineral spirits.  Any less mineral spirits and it was too waxy to be brushed on.  It takes a few minutes for the wax to dissolve.

It's actually a really easy process.  Paint it on and wipe it off.  Done.

Action shots below.

Here is a comparison of the chairs: one with clear wax and one with a dark wax glaze (after the first coat of clear).  Quite a difference!  What do you think???

P.S.  These chairs were painted in SW Intellictual Gray 7045 (similar to AS French Linen)

Next:  King's Gold Gilding Wax and THE FINISHED PRODUCT!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How much Annie Sloan clear wax do I need to buy?

Hi y'all!  So this is something I was wondering when starting my chalk paint projects.  How much do I need to buy?  One canister?  Two???  So here's what I was able to wax with one regular size can of Annie Sloan clear soft wax:

  • 4 dining room chairs (1 coat)
  • 3 pieces of beadboard on a kitchen island (2 coats)
  • Crown molding for the top of cabinets (2 coats)
  • 12 kitchen drawers (2 coats)
  • 30 kitchen cabinets (2 coats front and back of doors)

Hope this helps someone :)


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Waxing Chalk Paint: Scary or Easy?

Hi readers!  Ok I'll admit.  I was really scared of the whole waxing thing after reading other people's experience with streaking.  Mainly, the common problem everyone had was using too much wax.  I watched a few videos and held my breath.  Turns out, waxing is REALLY EASY!!!!  I used the following method:

1.  Take a plastic spoon or knife and put some wax onto a paper plate.

2.  Get a little wax on your wax brush and coat the bristles by swirling the brush on the paper plate.  BTW, I bought my wax brush here:

3.  Wax small sections of the cabinet/furniture at a time.  I started with a swirling circular pattern and finished with up and down strokes for a smooth finish.  Then wipe with a cloth.  I found it was easier to wax the doors after putting them back on the cabinets.  For the crown molding, I put it on after the waxing was completed.

4.  Clean your wax brush.  Love your brush so that it lasts.  I cleaned mine by soaking in mineral spirits then washing with soap and water.  I've read that Murphy's oil soap works good too.

4.  Let first coat harden for 24 hours.

5.  Apply second coat of clear wax.  I waited about an hour and then applied the dark wax trim.  I used a small brush for the dark wax.  I brushed a line on where I wanted the detail, then rubbed/wiped it to get the desired effect.

6.  Let harden for 24 hours again.  Buff with the Annie Sloan buffing brush.  I was skeptical that this brush would make a difference.  However, the end result with the brush is shiny and polished.  I'm a believer!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stitch Fix May 2015 (Part 1) aka Damaged Clothes

Hi Readers!  So why is the titled part 1?  Mainly because this fix was not up to par.  One of the shirts they sent me had a hole in the seam, and the button fell off the shorts when I was trying them on.  Needless to say I was really disappointed.  I did end up purchasing one shirt so that I didn't lose my styling fee, but it turned out to be really cute when styled.  After leaving my feedback, I was contacted by Stitch Fix a few hours later apologizing about the damaged clothes.  Therefore, I moved my next fix up since I really do need so summer clothes.  What do you think?

Get your fix here: 

1.  Pixley Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top

I kept this shirt.  I really liked the way it looked with the red cardigan.  Please ignore the tie.  I know it needs retying :)

2 & 3.  Skies are Blue Amery Crew Neck Knit Top & THML Brea Embroidered Mini Skirt

As a mom of 2 little ones, this skirt is waaaaaaay too short.  Not a fan of the shirt either since it made me look huge.  Both returned.

4 & 5. Renee C Tyson Split Neck Blouse & Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short

This shirt had a hole in the seam (and least I didn't like it).  The shorts were just ok.  I wasn't super pleased that the button fell off when I went to try them on.  Not cool.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

DIY Chalk Paint: An Outline of the Process

Hi readers!  So before I got started on my DIY chalk paint kitchen cabinets project, I made a list of materials I would need (see previous post) and a list of the steps.  I'm a list girl so this helped me out and therefore I'm sharing with you.  Most posts to come soon :)

Basic Steps to Chalk Painting My Kitchen Cabinets:

  1. Clean
    • Materials: odorless mineral spirits (not the green kind) and scrubber sponge
  2. Shellac
  3. Paint - 2 coats
  4. Clear wax - 1st coat and wait 24 hrs before 2nd coat
    • Materials: clear wax, paper plate, wax brush, plastic spoon, cloth)
  5. Dark wax
    • Materials: dark wax, paper plate, plastic spoon, brush, cloth)
    • I do this step immediately after clear wax coat #2
  6. Buff
    • Optional AS Buffing Brush or just a cloth and some elbow grease
    • Do this 24 hours after clear wax coat #2 and dark wax

Here's a few pics of my progress so far.  Waiting for all the cabinet knobs/pulls to arrive on Wednesday.

**Please ignore the messy counter.  I'm in the middle of painting with a 2 year old and a 6 month old

Waxing article to be published soon.  Happy Painting!



    Color Match for AS Antoinette

    Hi readers!  Even though I made my own chalk paint, I still ordered the Annie Sloan clear and dark wax.  When I received the wax, they also sent me an Annie Sloan color chart.  I thought to myself, "Perfect!  Now I can find a color match for Antoinette."  I loved this color when I saw it.  It's ideal for a few other furniture painting projects I want to accomplish when I'm done with the kitchen cabinets. I went to Sherwin Williams and started pulling paint chips (I think that's what they are called?) to find a match.  After a few minutes, I found one that really close. Breathless 6022.

    What do you think?  A close match?