Monday, July 20, 2015

Giving Old Hardware New Life: It's easier than you may think.

Hi readers!  I have recently started upcycling an antique dresser and pulled off the old hardware to clean.  I've looked around and as of now I plan on using the old hardware instead of buying new.  Something about it makes me want to keep it.  Therefore, cleaning was a necessary step.  Here's what I did to give new like to this old hardware:

1.  Fill a disposable container with hot water, dish soap, and a little white vinegar.  Honestly, the brand doesn't matter.  Also, I just eyeballed the amount.  FYI:  After soaking a few hours, the water will be disgusting.  I know this probably goes without saying but PLEASE DON'T reuse this container for food.

2.  After soaking a few hours, use a scrubber sponge to clean away the grime.  Rinse with water and you are done.

Easy right?  Here's a look after scrubbing.  I like how they still look antique.

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