Friday, February 12, 2016

Stitch Fix February 2016: We're Breaking Up for Awhile

Hi readers!  I feel like my boxes lately have been going downhill.  The lack of attention to detail is unfortunate.  Here are just a few examples of why I am breaking up with Stitch Fix until further notice:

- Last month I received the same style of shorts I returned in a previous fix because I didn't like the style.  For some reason, they thought I would like them better the second time around?
- Recently I receive a houndstooth print, despite stating after a previous fix how much I hate that pattern.  Another example of ignored feedback.
- This month my stylist note said that I could wear one of my items to work.  My style profile indicates that I am a SAHM.  Clearly, the stylist didn't read a single thing on my profile.
- This month I received the exact same (style, color, and distressing) pair of jeans that I purchased in a previous fix.  Apparently, I need two pairs of the exact same jeans.  My profile indicates that I only want skinny jeans now but they sent a pair of boyfriend jeans anyway (yet again another indication that my profile was ignored).

I have emailed customer service to let them know why I will be cancelling my subscription until further notice.  I hope they take the feedback and try to make a better experience for other customers.  Until I hear that things are improving, it's goodbye for now.

Here's a few photos of the items I received this month.

1.  31 Bits Ivy Spritz Beaded Bracelet $28
    I know this company supports a good cause, but I'm not up to paying $28 for a paper bracelet that really isn't my style.

2. Kut from the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans $78
   I'm not including a picture of these as I have received them in a previous fix and for some unknown reason received them again.  Boo.

3.  Skies are Blue Primmie Tunic $64
   This top screams maternity clothes.  I look pregnant just putting it on.  Yuck.

4.  Market & Spruce $58
    It's ok I guess.  I may keep this to apply my styling fee.

5.  Absolutely Harrietti Pullover Sweater $58
    Plain, boring, and unflattering.  Enough said.

That's it folks!  I hope you all are having a better experience than my recent fixes.

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