Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stitch Fix Jan. 2016: They Sent Me Shorts in January

Overall, I was not impressed with this month.  I got a pair of shorts (in January) that were obviously leftovers as I got them during the summer in a fix and hated them then.  Not sure why I got them a second time.  My stylist note described the blue top as "edgy".  Clearly that word is open to interpretation.  I mentioned in my previous fix that I hated houndstooth pattern, and yet I received a houndstooth print shirt.  I will say that the pattern on it wasn't overpowering so I ended up deciding to keep it so I didn't lose my styling fee.  

Here's what I got:

1.  Bancroft Joolie Hammered Circle Necklace $34
    This was not really my style so I returned it.

2 & 3.  Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Short $58 & Loveappella Pines Mesh Knit Top $54
Hated these shorts the first time, and receiving them a second time didn't change that.  The top just isn't flattering on me.  Returned both.

4.  41Hawthorn Ackley Houndstooth Print Blouse $68
     Even though I'm not usually fond of this print, it was a little understated and I liked the styling     options.  Kept so I didn't lose my styling fee.

5.  Papermoon Amalie Split Neck Binding Hem Knit Top $54
     This top was way too clingy and I didn't like the colors or stripes.  Returned.

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