Saturday, December 12, 2015

DIY Tulle Tutu

Hi readers!  Instead of paying a hefty price on Etsy for a tulle tutu ($30 + shipping) that my daughter is only going to wear for pictures, I decided to make my own.  It's super easy, requires no sewing, and is cost efficient.

Here's the price breakdown:

2 rolls of Tulle = $5.98 (2.99 each at Joann's or Old Time Pottery)

Crochet headband = $2.00 (I paid $2 for one but can get MUCH cheaper wholesale)

Total max price: $7.98

I found really good directions for knotting the tulle here:

It was so easy that I ended up making a Snow White Halloween tutu costume as well.

I used a kitchen canister to hold the headband in place while I tied the tulle.  Basically you cut strips for double the length you want it plus about 1 inch (to account for the knot).  Fold the strip in half, feed the folded end through one of the holes in the headband so that you have a loop, stuff the other end through the loop and pull through (seriously there are really good pictures and directions on the link above).

Here's a picture of her wearing it for Halloween:

This tutu turned out so cute for our 1st birthday photos!

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