Thursday, September 3, 2015

Baby Shower Favors Less Than $0.50 each!

Hi readers!  I'm working on jointly hosting a baby shower for a mom in our play group.  Since my daughter's first birthday is coming up, I don't have much to spend on other parties.  After searching Pinterest for ideas, I found this cute idea for budget-friendly shower favors.  Here's what you need:

Ikea tealights - $2.99/pack of 30 (about 10 cents each)
Washi tape - $2.99 roll (I made 30 candles and used maybe half the roll so this one is hard to price, will estimate at about 5 cents each)
Mesh bags - $1/pack of 6 (about 16.6 cents each)
"Thank You" tag using cardstock (didn't price this since I already had some at home)

Total cost per favor: $0.42 each!!! (for 2 candles)

What do you think?  Good?

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