Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My First Golden Tote: Success!

Hi current and future Golden Tote fans!  I was really excited to try my first tote and ended up doing the $149 tote for more options and free shipping.  Don't you just love the cute tote bag that everything comes in?  And the elastic headband that everything is wrapped in?  Without further delay, here's what was in my very first tote:

1.  Surprise Item (picked for me by KB): Skies Are Blue Knotted Tee in Green
     I LOVE this!  I love the color and fit.  Great for going to the playground with my littles or weekend casual.  Keeper for sure.

2.  Surprise item (picked by KB): Sugar Lips Pineapple Print Tank
     I wasn't totally sold on the print, but the fit is good.  Keeping and will just have to figure out how to style it.  Any suggestions?

Here's the back.  I like that it's mostly black and not the print.

3. Chosen Item: Orange Brighten Up Dress
    I like the bright colors on this one.  I paired it with a navy shrug and nude shoes for church.  Ended up looking very stylish.  Glad I picked it!

4.  Surprise item: Sugar Lips High Low Skirt
     I won't be posting a picture of this one as it didn't fit in the waist or length.  Going to trade for another item.

5.  Surprise item: Mittoshop Tie-Dye Dress
     I'm not a fan of this.  While comfortable, I didn't think the horizontal tie dye was flattering on my child bearing hips, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to style it.  Trading this one.

6. Chosen Item: Sis Sis V-Neck Blouse in Navy
    This ended up fitting well and matches a lot in a my closet.  Glad I chose it.

In conclusion, I was happy with at least half of my tote and will be ordering another one in the future. Make sure to check them out!

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