Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stitch Fix July 2015: At Least One is a Keeper

Hi!  I was really looking forward to this month's fix and was hopeful that I would keep at least one item.  My last couple of fixes have been less than stellar and was starting to think that my stylist had lost her touch (or I've become more picky).  Here's what I got this month:

1.  Kut from the Kloth Melissa Tencel Shorts

These shorts were really comfortable, but the color was so light (and I think the sizing was a little big).  I tried on these shorts with a variety of color tops and nothing seemed to look right except white.  Didn't keep.

2.  Renee C Galinda Printed Maxi Skirt

Why yes!  I did keep a maxi skirt last month so I must want another.  I'm torn because I don't really know how many printed maxi skirts one really needs.  Pretty colors though.

3.  Brixton Ivy Clifton Embellished Henley

This top truly had potential, but was clearly not made for women more endowed.  Didn't keep.

4.  Papermoon Penfield Textured Tank

Stripes are not my friend.  I've indicated this, but keep receiving stripes :(

5.  Fun2Fun Patson Pleated Henley Top

Love the color of this top, but it's just way too long on me.  Think I'm going to have to start requesting a smaller size.  Didn't keep.

How have your fixes been recently?  Seems like since the arrival of summer, things have gone downhill.  Better luck next month for me I guess!

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