Monday, July 13, 2015

Front Door Fashion Box #2: Still No Outfit Keepers

After not buying much from my first box, I requested a second box from Morgan.  She contacted me after a few weeks and said that she would like to have a phone conversation to make my second box better.  She was super sweet and helpful.  We chatted for a few minutes about my needs, fit, likes and dislikes, etc...  She got right to work and my box shipped the following day.

Personalized Notes Included:

Here's one of my favorite tops that I kept by Askari.  I liked the necklace but am sitting on some Stella Dot credit so it had to go back.  The jeans gave me major muffin top so returned those too.

I considered keeping this dress but it was completely open back and I HAVE to wear a bra so back it went.

Just horrible.  Enough said.  I'm a size 6 and this makes me look a lot bigger.

This top was just horrible and uncomfortable.  The jeans were just ok since they gave me a muffin top too.  Both went back.

This necklace and cuff bracelet were both cute but also went back due to needing to spend my Stella Dot credit first.

This shirt by Splendid was definitely a keeper.  Green is one of my favorable colors.

I debated for awhile on this Ella Moss top, but didn't love it enough to spend the $138 price tag.  It was also a little out of my comfort zone after requesting not to receive all over floral.

I kept these Level 99 slack shorts since I liked the color and they are super comfortable.  Kind of regretting it though because after wearing them half a day they are so stretched out they are falling off.  Must be the tencel fabric I guess??  Not loving the top or scarf though.  Felt like I was going to the country club for a game of bridge.

I went back and forth on this Askari McKinley dress and even sent Morgan a picture for opinions.  She suggested a smaller size and no belt (the belt was my suggestion since it was so big).  I requested an exchange for a smaller size and am waiting for the replacement.

Have you kept any full outfits from FDF?

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