Monday, July 13, 2015

Avengers Party Favor: DIY Crayon Roll Up

For my son's 3rd birthday party, he wanted an Avengers theme.  I mostly bought what I loving call the "Party City Special."  Basically, I bought all of the decorations and necessities from there.  The 2 things I made myself were the invitations (using Marvel's free comic strip maker) and the party favors.  I saw some ideas online and ended up doing my own pattern for crayon roll ups.

I'm a beginner seamstress so believe me when I say if I can do it, you can do it too!

Step 1:  Cut fabric in strips measuring 11x4 (can be smaller depending on your notebook size) and cut pockets 4x4 in a coordination fabric.

Step 2: Fold top of pockets over and stitch (so it doesn't fray over time)

Step 3: Iron fusible interfacing (pick one the feels the same thickness as the fabric) to the inside (wrong side) of the fabric.

Step 4:  Stitch the pockets onto the piece of fabric that you want to be the inside.

Step 5:  Pin together the two piece of fabric with right sides facing each other and stitch almost all the way around, leaving a small opening to turn the fabric inside out.  Then stitch closed.

Step 6:  Stuff and enjoy!

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