Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wantable: Fitness Edit June 2015 --My First Wantable Box

Hi!  Needless to say I'm starting to get addicted to these subscription box services.  With 2 little ones, I would rather someone shop for me than having to squeeze the double stroller through the teeny tiny aisles at my local stores.  I saw Wantable Fitness Edit and was intrigued.  Could some new cute workout clothes provide me with the motivation I need to work out again?  We shall see.  Here's what I got in my first Wantable Fitness Edit box:

1.  Cory Vines The Path Reversible Bra in Berry
2.  Glyder Mantra Crop Birds Eye Jacquard Black
3.  Glyder Method Tank

I loved all 3 of these together.  The Cory Vines bra fit perfect and I thought the back of the Glyder tank was fantastic.  The Glyder cropped pants were very slimming which I appreciated.  The material of the pants was thick without being bulky.  The tank material was very thin though.  I only kept the bra.  I just couldn't justify spending $38 on a very thin tank and $56 was a little steep for the pants.  If the pants were in the $40 range I would have kept them for sure.

I did not bother taking any pictures of #4 Mono Mesh Back Bra or #5 Climawear Seamless Athletic Capri.  The Mono Bra was way too big, and the Climawear capris were just like any other black leggings.  Nothing special about them that warranted the $40 price tag.

Have you tried Wantable yet?  I haven't decided if I'll try another box or not since I still haven't made it back to the gym.

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