Saturday, June 20, 2015

Front Door Fashion

Hi readers!  I was very excited about the arrival of my first Front Door Fashion box.  Even though I only kept a couple of tops and some jewelry, I think it is currently my favorite of the subscription boxes I've tried.  I really like that they send you full outfits, and the quality of the clothes was great.  My stylist Morgan referenced my Pinterest board (so she actually looked at it) and even sent pictures with the outfits.  All in all, I found some new designers that I really like and will be ordering from Front Door Fashion again.  Here's some pics from my first box.

Here is one of the items I kept.  These bracelets are really cute and can be worn with lots of different outfits.

I kept this top since white tops are so versatile, but returned the shorts.  I really liked the idea of black lace shorts, but these were way too short (let's just say that bending over offered quite a show) and the material was more like fishnet than lace.

I loved these James Jeans shorts (more pics below in other outfits), but they sent me a size too big and the price was a little high for shorts ($98).  I got lucky and found the same shorts on for only $25 on clearance so now I own them at a more reasonable price AND in the right size.  This top by Weston was horrible.  Sent it back.

I am fascinated by the idea of rompers, but don't like how they draw attention to my post-baby waist so this went back.

LOVE this whole outfit!  James Jeans shorties in peppermint, Shira Melody necklace, and t-shirt by Tees by Tina.  Kept the shirt and turquoise necklace and got shorts from Bluefly.

Here's another necklace by Shira Melody.  I liked the beads, but the coral piece was a weird color and didn't go with much in my closet.  Also not a fan of the top.  Made me feel like an old lady.

Also love everything about this outfit!  Veronica M top in fuchsia, Shira melody necklace again, and peppermint James Jeans.  Yeah!

Ok.  So Morgan put together this outfit for me.  The skirt was huge and pleated.  Looked terrible together.  If loose on top, needs to be tight on bottom and vise versa.  Skirt went back.

These corduroy Citizens of Humanity shorts were too short and too tight (and had a high price tag for what they were).  The top was also not flattering.  Sent both back.

Here's the Tees by Tina t-shirt again that FDF paired with a polka dot maxi.  The skirt was too long and wouldn't zip when I pulled it up to my rib cage.  Skirt returned but kept the shirt.

Overall, I kept the bracelets, Skira Melody Ella necklace, Tees by Tina tshirt, Veronica M fuchsia tank and white blouse.  What do you think?  Have you tried FDF yet?  If not, I highly recommend it.  I've ordered by second box and hope they get it to me soon.

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