Saturday, June 20, 2015

First Modabox (One and Done)

Hi!  So I decided to give Modabox a try despite the mixed reviews.  I'm 36 with two little ones so I wasn't sure if this would be the right subscription service for me since I read a lot about them having mostly junior sizes.  However, the service is free so I thought why not?  After receiving the box, I'm definitely one and done.  I sent everything back.  The fit of most items was really bad, several of the items were completely see through (and should not have been based on the item), and the jewelry was cheap feeling.  Also, I live in FL where it's currently in the high 90's.  The majority of the items I received were long sleeve.  Boo.  Despite how terrible these look on me, I'm sharing some pictures so you can learn from my experience and decide whether or not you want to give Modabox a try.

Outfit 1:  The shorts were huge and had an elastic waist that gave me the worst muffin top.  The blouse was a disaster.  My stylist suggest I wear it backwards with the zipper in front.  I tried it both ways.  Not my style AT ALL.

Ugh.  Just ugh.  This top is not only ugly but also long sleeve.

Ok.  I liked this lace dress until I realized that it was completely see through.  The zipper was really cheap though so not sure how long it would have lasted anyway.

The back of this dress was really cute, but the lining was too short and the tie waist didn't leave me much slack for tying.  Plus, as a SAHM I would not get much use for the $58 price tag.

While this dress was really comfortable, I did't like the pattern and it felt looked like my MIL's nightgown.  No thanks.

So did I mention that it's 97 degrees here???  Not sure when I would wear this long sleeve shirt under this tiny long sleeve blazer.

My stylist knows I'm a SAHM.  Where am I supposed to wear this?  The churches in FL are very casual.  I liked the dress by itself but don't see myself wearing it much.

 And here's the jewelry.  The earrings were cute but not for $20.  They felt cheap and I'm pretty sure I can get the same thing at Charming Charlies for $5.

Thoughts?  Have you tried Modabox yet?  I think I'll be sticking with Stitch Fix and Front Door Fashion.

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