Saturday, May 16, 2015

Waxing Chalk Paint: Scary or Easy?

Hi readers!  Ok I'll admit.  I was really scared of the whole waxing thing after reading other people's experience with streaking.  Mainly, the common problem everyone had was using too much wax.  I watched a few videos and held my breath.  Turns out, waxing is REALLY EASY!!!!  I used the following method:

1.  Take a plastic spoon or knife and put some wax onto a paper plate.

2.  Get a little wax on your wax brush and coat the bristles by swirling the brush on the paper plate.  BTW, I bought my wax brush here:

3.  Wax small sections of the cabinet/furniture at a time.  I started with a swirling circular pattern and finished with up and down strokes for a smooth finish.  Then wipe with a cloth.  I found it was easier to wax the doors after putting them back on the cabinets.  For the crown molding, I put it on after the waxing was completed.

4.  Clean your wax brush.  Love your brush so that it lasts.  I cleaned mine by soaking in mineral spirits then washing with soap and water.  I've read that Murphy's oil soap works good too.

4.  Let first coat harden for 24 hours.

5.  Apply second coat of clear wax.  I waited about an hour and then applied the dark wax trim.  I used a small brush for the dark wax.  I brushed a line on where I wanted the detail, then rubbed/wiped it to get the desired effect.

6.  Let harden for 24 hours again.  Buff with the Annie Sloan buffing brush.  I was skeptical that this brush would make a difference.  However, the end result with the brush is shiny and polished.  I'm a believer!

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