Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bungalow Clothing Box: It's time to go our separate ways.

Hi readers!  I wasn't going to give Bungalow another try after my first box failure, but someone from the company emailed me and I agreed to try again IF I was given a different stylist.  So here's what I got in my second box and a few reasons why this one is definitely my last Bungalow box.

1 & 2.  Ella Moss Scoop Knot Top and Bella Dahl Sporty Short in black
            I requested a pair of black shorts that I could dress up or down.  These were super comfortable for running errands with the kids so keeping these but will pair with a different top (see additional pics).  Not a fan of the Ella Moss top.  The tie in the fronts adds a little more bulk than I'm comfortable with post baby.  The shorts were my only keeper.

(Couldn't find my other shoe.  Oops)

3 & 4.  Ramy Brook Paris Shirred Top & Level 99 Lily Skinny Straight
            I liked this top, but not the $100 price tag.  Just couldn't justify it for a top.  The jeans were just o.k.  Prior to receiving this box, I bought a really cute pair of Just Black skinny jeans for about $60 less than these so no reason to keep another pair.  Both returned.

5.  Sanctuary Beach Hut Shell in Limeade
     Ok.  So here's the main reason I have no interest in another Bungalow clothing box.  I received the EXACT same skirt in my first box but in a different color.  I returned that one so not sure why they thought it was a good idea to send me another.  Or if they aren't keeping accurate records, then I'm really not sold on ordering from them again.

6.  Current Elliott The Muscle Tee in Mauve Galaxy
     Not flattering color or shape.  Returned no question.  In addition, this shirt was priced at a whopping $118.  Yikes!

7.  Gypsy Cap Sleeve Hi Low Top in Anubis Black
     Another overpriced t-shirt at $155.  Plus, it was way too long for my petite frame.  Returned.

 That's it folks.  Goodbye Bungalow!  I only received 1 good pair of shorts out of two boxes so it's time to go our separate ways.

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