Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stitch Fix May 2015 (Part 1) aka Damaged Clothes

Hi Readers!  So why is the titled part 1?  Mainly because this fix was not up to par.  One of the shirts they sent me had a hole in the seam, and the button fell off the shorts when I was trying them on.  Needless to say I was really disappointed.  I did end up purchasing one shirt so that I didn't lose my styling fee, but it turned out to be really cute when styled.  After leaving my feedback, I was contacted by Stitch Fix a few hours later apologizing about the damaged clothes.  Therefore, I moved my next fix up since I really do need so summer clothes.  What do you think?

Get your fix here:  https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/4566697 

1.  Pixley Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top

I kept this shirt.  I really liked the way it looked with the red cardigan.  Please ignore the tie.  I know it needs retying :)

2 & 3.  Skies are Blue Amery Crew Neck Knit Top & THML Brea Embroidered Mini Skirt

As a mom of 2 little ones, this skirt is waaaaaaay too short.  Not a fan of the shirt either since it made me look huge.  Both returned.

4 & 5. Renee C Tyson Split Neck Blouse & Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short

This shirt had a hole in the seam (and least I didn't like it).  The shorts were just ok.  I wasn't super pleased that the button fell off when I went to try them on.  Not cool.

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